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A long history of fighting for animals...

LHS was established in 1984 as one of the first no-kill animal shelters in the State of NH. We serviced large areas of Northern NH and even Vermont. We also took some hard-to-place animals who needed extensive rehabilitation from Maine and Massachusetts. At those times the No-Kill concept was fairly new, not only in NH, but elsewhere.

We handled numerous cruelty and neglect cases (some of them pretty big) and brought most of them to court, resulting in convictions.

We rescued and successfully rehabilitated numerous animals in horrific mental and/or physical condition that many others gave up on. Many of these poor animals were also handicapped; blind, missing limbs, others with severe injuries, hard to diagnose illnesses and conditions, and some mentally destroyed for a variety of reasons.


We delivered numerous puppies and also kittens from pregnant females dumped at our doorsteps. We rescued, handled and adopted horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, roosters, ducks, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, and variety of birds, in addition to dogs and cats.

Wild critters were handled as well as Mila Rizzo was a trained and licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator for NH Fish &Game for quite few years.

We also worked with special needs kids, troubled youth and offenders who had community service. They helped the animals and benefited from learning more about their needs and proper care. And we preached and preached and preached. About proper care of the animals, proper nutrition, training, holistic care and respect for all living things.


Our present goal is to concentrate more on Prevention and Humane Education. It is extremely important to do and if more of it would be done, there would be less of a need for animal shelters in in the future.

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