Parlays, Multibets, Accumulators on New Betting Sites

Each day many people become gamblers. Why? In present day betting has earned a well-known popularity, and while it is getting popularity around the world is getting gamblers.

Betting on internet is more easy and viable than betting on a refreshments stand. That is why young people, and old ones, prefer the comfort of betting on home than betting on the street. Betting sites, nowadays, are required to satisfy the needs of every gambler, for that they frequently offer new bonuses, odds and promotions. However, new online bookmakers are obligated to beat the competence.

New betting sites normally offer welcome bonuses to gain more and more gamblers, but right now that is not enough. Gamblers need to be in everything; every sport and every event. That is the main reason why new betting sites are offering in their web the option of parlays. Maybe, some gamblers know what parlay is, but some others do not. So, what is parlay and how it works?

The first thing to know is that parlay is the same as accumulator. The only difference is that parlay is the term used in US, while accumulator is used in Europe. Moreover, parlay or accumulator consists on combine different bets (individual) in just one big bet; that is why sometimes it is also call “multibets”. The only disadvantage of parlay is if you lose just one of those bets, you will lose the entire bet. Some gamblers do not like this kind of betting because of that. However, some others prefer parlay than traditional betting. Why? Due to the quantity of bets placed in one, the earnings become bigger and juicier. That is why new betting sites are applying this type of betting to attract gamblers and become more popular between the numerous amounts of betting sites that already exist.